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Leverage a world of opportunities with Baccana Digital and AWS (AMAZON WEB SERVICES)

Whether you’re after robust hosting, reliable uptime or powerful applications, AWS Cloud is the place to be and Baccana can help you get on it rapidly and cost effectively.

AWS CloudOps Outsourcing made in Monaco

Baccana Digital Consulting experts have deployed countless websites, ecommerce platforms and large scale applications on Amazon Web Services over the past two decades.

Our unique blend of in-house skills and experience combined with the superior knowledge of our network of DevOps / CloudOps specialists ensures you the best possible technical expertise delivered to your business, right here in Monaco.

From corporate websites to ecommerce marketplaces, we provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your top-notch IT operations are in the best hands with round-the-clock monitoring, proactive management, and always the highest level of IT security.

Digital Transition made easy with AWS

If your business has reached the limits of your current cloud service, do not hesitate to migrate to the world’s premier cloud infrastructure!

Baccana offers smooth transition services from any cloud SaaS to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), featuring 750+ instances all over the world, and the widest choice of cloud services over a record-breaking 400 Gbps Ethernet network to get the following benefits:

  • On-demand scalable infrastructure and capacity
    99.99% availability.
  • Secure environment for applications with built-in AWS Nitro System.
  • Pay-as-you-go performance flexibility.
  • Baccana experts to migrate, manage, monitor and support your AWS infrastructure

Cloudify your business with Baccana ans AWS

With Baccana at your side, you can move any service or application to a 360° cloud encompassing 20+ purpose-driven environments that can work flawlessly together.

Cherry on the cake, all those services are accessible through the Monaco Cloud, creating the most secure, most reliable most and powerful IT infrastructure for any Monegasque business thriving for unfettered success, performance and growth:

  • Cloud-based Virtual servers with Amazon EC2 + Lightsail
  • Global object / data storage with Amazon S3
  • AI-powered IDE / command line productivity with Amazon CodeWhisperer
  • Global Content Delivery Network with CloudFront
  • Scalable App development and delivery with Amazon CodeCatalyst
  • Premium NoSQL database managed service with Amazon DynamoDB
  • Full-scale Machine learning models environment with Amazon SageMaker and Comprehend
  • Centralized and automated security & compliance with Amazon Security Lake
  • Secured access management with AWS Identity
  • Serverless API development and deployment with Amazon API Gateway
  • Managed threat monitoring and detection Amazon GuardDuty
  • Serverless, event-driven compute service with Amazon Lambda
    Managed relational database service with Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MariaDB)
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL compatible Cloud-first RDBMS service with Amazon Aurora
  • Full-stack web & mobile app development + CI/CD with AWS Amplify
  • Serverless elastic file storage and management for EC2 with Amazon EFS
  • High-performance block storage with Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • Rich search service (34 languages) for web and apps with Amazon CloudSearch
  • Real-time streams video data stream analytics with Amazon Kinesis
  • Machine Learning with Amazon Bedrock
  • ML-powered supply chain applications with AWS Supply Chain


Moving to AWS Cloud securely and cost-effectively with Baccana

Business Audit: digital transformation audit and opportunities, internal governance and competencies, TCO / ROI analysis.

Technical Audit: Security & Risks audit, cloud migration & hybridization, internal processes assessment, project management / AMOA.

Cloud Deployment Plan: workloads and application, migration / development, step-by-step implementation roadmap and protocols, VPN-SSL solutions, project management / AMOE, HR cloud evangelism.

Deployment / Migration: cloud setup, data migration, application development, staging and pre-prod QA, end-to-end Project owner support.

Post-deployment support: technical support, maintenance and security program, internal adoption training / assistance.

Post-deployment support: technical support, maintenance and security program, internal adoption training / assistance.

Baccana X AWS

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