Chris Clavel interviewed by the MEB on Riviera Radio

Justin Highman on Riviera Radio:

This week, the Monaco Economic Board is very happy to introduce you to Chris Clavel, CEO and Founder of Baccana Digital Consulting. One could have thought that your line of business was heavily impacted by the pandemic. However, I believe this is not the case and you have managed to grow. Could you please tell us Chris, a little more about your entity and your sector activity.

Chris Clavel of Baccana Digital Consulting :

Baccana Digital Consulting was established in Monaco in 2014, and our directors have been involved in the Web industry since 1996 in San Francisco.

Our strong experience in the Digital industry enables Baccana to assist our clients in their Digital Transformation efforts. Our services range from creating state of the art Marketplaces, develop or improve an ecommerce platform, and even increase sales and prospects with Online Marketing.

We are headquartered in Monaco with offices in the US, Eastern Europe and Asia, and we serve clients globally.

We have been growing at a steady pace for 7 years with an acceleration in the past two years. The Pandemics drove many customers our way to get digital.

And the Blue Fund, introduced by the Extended Monaco for Entreprises, was another accelerator. We had a few customers in Monaco but the majority of our clients were abroad. Thanks to the Blue Fund, we started some astonishing long term collaborations with amazing companies in Monaco.

My Monaco Economic Board membership has been, by far, my best investment ever.


Justin Highman :

And Chris I believe that you want to share an update with us today ?

Chris Clavel :

Yes, big news, Baccana is now also a shareholder in some platforms we are developing.

We now partner with the Motorcycling and Yachting industries with stunning marketplaces, as well as with a Cross border ecommerce platform between Europe and Asia.

I have also something to confess Justin. My Monaco Economic Board membership has been, by far, my best investment ever.

I have taken part to about 15 MEB delegations so far, and the outcome has always been very positive.

So, I take this kind opportunity given me by Riviera Radio to thank the MEB for their ever professional and friendly support, and I look forward to taking part in other business delegations starting with Dubai Soon.


CIIE 2019 in Shanghai China

In November 2019, the Baccana Group, with the MonacObor company, was present in China at the Shanghai 2019 China International Import Expo.

“181 countries and regions represented, more than 3800 foreign companies exhibited, almost a million visitors… and Monaco was there.”

Indeed, with the help of Her Excellency Mme Catherine Fautrier Ambassador of Monaco in China, and the Monaco Economic Board, Monaco made it tho the greatest trade show on Earth. With a 130 sq meters booth at the colours of the Principality showcasing 8 different Monaco based companies.

The Baccana Group introduced MonacObor and its cross border ecommerce platform set to be launched in Spring 2020 to the Chinese public.

The Monaco booth encountered a great success and MonacObor is already aiming at participating to the CIIE 2020 !