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“The worst lie one can make is to lie to himself”. There is nothing like being honest and knowing where you stand, Exactly. The Baccana Group teams are here to tell you the truth about your digital identity and footprint. How are your online properties, social profiles, online reputation, how do you spend your online marketing money … we can see it all and rank it all to start on clean bases or improve what’s already there.


The ultimate rules for any business are following three very simple questions; What do you sell ? To whom ? And at what price ? We help you clench these steps and thanks to our Data Mining and Data Analysis tools, we can precisely target and reach your audience. Ultimately, the Baccana Group helps you with the fourth element; How to pass the word around with a carefully crafted Digital and Marketing Strategy.

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One or several of our experts / consultants can be booked to work directly on our clients’ premises. Secrecy, professionalism and efficiency is part of our team members obligations. Whether you seek to have an external project manager, an on-site Digital Consultant, a Social Media Management Consultant or Web / App external developper and consultant, the Baccana Group has the right solution for you.


Whether you seek individual or group workshops, ou teams of expert can switch the light at every level for you. Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation or any new upcoming digital trend, you will get it all.

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Ask for a FREE QUOTE. Our experienced team of experts will collaborate with you and will carry out research to understand your needs and goals.