Morning Web3 talk at the MonacoTech incubator


by: Baccana Digital Consulting    June 4, 2023


Web3, Educative Video Gaming, cryptos and Metaverse… That was the program of the morning talk, organized by the French foreign trade advisors in Monaco.

This time, our dear friends from the MonacoBoost startup incubator hosted this event. A conference attended by several dozens of business leaders and professionals, coming or not from the tech world. They came from all horizons with one goal: to learn more about web 3 and the short and medium term opportunities it could bring. In order to satiate the thirst for knowledge of the entrepreneurs present at this event, Baccana Digital consulting was accompanied by the Mainbot team in duplex from Paris. With them, we presented our vision of metaverse through Educational Gaming. Let’s review this successful morning talk of the French foreign trade advisors in Monaco :


What is web 3.0 ?

After arriving at the Monaco Boost incubator, the participants of this Morning Talk were given a real educational course on Web3. Sylvain Odureau brought the audience to an exciting journey through the 3dVerse. A great presentation of the Web3, followed shortly after by the Baccana Group vision of the Metaverse.

It was good to remind everyone of the basics of web 3, because the approach to it is totally different from web 2. In fact, web 2 is essentially based on the exchanges of information between users, this is why social medias have flourished since it arrived in the mid 2000. Web 3 however, takes the whole thing into another dimension… quite literally ! This new generation of the web is focused on decentralization and transparency. Web 3 is essentially executed through the blockchain. This means that any user can verify the information and anyone on the network has permission to use the service. In other words, no authorization is required from a third party like in web 2.0.

A world of opportunities that is yet to be discovered. A path in which the principality of Monaco is willing to invest time and resource.

Mainbot x Baccana : Education through metaverse

Chris CLAVEL and the Baccana Group brought their approach of Web3 and the Metaverse: a world full of possibilities in which it is important to accompany the user. And to accompany the users, Baccana has chosen the Educational Gaming with the video game company Mainbot based in Paris.

After presenting their activity, Olivier Letscher, Boris Kesler Fasano Nicolas Schoener and Fabien Lomet took the audience into the Winkyverse, a world where knowledge has no limits!

If Web1 was based on consulting information alone, Web2 brought users the opportunity to exchange. The Web3 decentralizes the web. It makes it a collaborative space in which users are free to explore, modify, and own in a totally transparent and autonomous way. This is the model on which the Winkyverse is based: bringing knowledge in an interactive and playful way on a decentralized and secured space.

Mr Laurent Stéfanini, French ambassador in Monaco made it quite clear : the future of the principality revolves around new technology. Monaco, despite being a small state, has always been able to seize opportunities and adapt to change while investing heavily in new technologies. This is evidenced by the 5g, or the sovereign cloud.

A morning talk rich in information that allowed the audience to learn more about the digital evolution of the web and the opportunities represented by metavers and web3.

Thanks again to Lionel Galfré from MonacoTech for his welcome.

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