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Educational Gaming Metaverse

The Winkyverse, crafted by Mainbot, is an immersive and meaningful universe which offers a wide panel of fun gameplay and learning-oriented content carefully curated for adults, children, and families alike.

The Winkyverse for Kids provides a rich and yet totally free and unmonetized environment to play and learn at the same time. The Winkyverse for adults gives access to dedicated content and full NFT-enabled game experiences similar to other monetized platforms.

In 2021 Mainbot seized an opportunity to bring education to a new level by taking down barriers between digital and physical, virtual and real life. Mainbot announced it would start working on The Winkyverse, the first global educational gaming Metaverse, powered by its own digital currency, The Winkies ($WNK). An ICO at the end of the year succeeded in raising €24.5M to support the project, followed by a successful NFT sales of about 11,000 units that raised another €2.5M.

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As a brand, own a City Animal

Your brand’s presence in the Winkyverse and its marketing in the Metaverse is an opportunity for you and your business to innovate, experiment, and generate new revenue.

As a business or a brand, you can claim the purchase of a Branded Animal Land !

As these moving animal cities are pacing the Winkyverse, your presence will be unmissable. Your company will be able to craft with our help a branded gamified experience for players and visitors by creating a strong storytelling and promote your brand’s values. The Winkyverse is a world designed to bring players to your land and let you interact with them!

Together, we will create, leverage, and partner for new capabilities offered by the Winkyverse. We will be able to custom craft up to 9 branded buildings with up to 9 exclusive quests leading users and gamers to your Animal Land. On this legendary Animal Land, we will be able to set up stores to sell your NFT collections (wearables, avatars, access to exclusive services, …). We’ll rethink the way you measure your brand’s marketing success.

Winkyverse city animals

Invest in a promising Metaverse

The Mainbot startup relies on 5 years of experience in the educational ecosystem to offer two complementary solutions :

  • An educational MMO metaverse, the Winkyverse
  • An educational robot, the Winkybot

Game-based learning market size is bound to reach $23.6 Bn by 2025.
Training using game elements to teach a specific skill or achieve a specific outcome is become more popular by the day.

Mainbot and the Winkyverse partner with selected educative companies that wish to create content in the Winkyverse through a 360° support to launch their ICO & NFTs. A win-win initiative where members will receive free land to build educational experiences within the Winkyverse, while Mainbot benefits from additional educative content for its players. At its launch, the project already received 40+ applications.

Mainbot offers opportunities to Venture Capitals and Family Offices to become early investors in the second round in order to enter a promising startup and harvest the fruits of this incredible gamified Metaverse in a near future.

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