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Digital transformationDigital transformation

The blue fund monaco


The Monégasque Government, as part of the Extended Monaco program, aims at boosting digital revenues in Monaco and has devised an effective action plan.

Moreover, the foundation of this plan rests on establishing a support fund, named the “Blue Fund,” to further economic efforts in the digital sector.

Additionally, This Blue Fund encompasses three objectives:

In this context and on a co-financing basis, the Blue Fund will actively support digital projects initiated by Monegasque companies starting from January 2021.

To accomplish their digital project, businesses must receive support from a Monegasque Digital Services Business (“Entreprise de Services Numériques” – ESN) such as Baccana Digital Consulting.

Furthermore, it is especially applicable to projects concerning E-commerce websites or marketplaces, virtual reality concepts, or mobile & web apps.


Blue Fund Financing for a Yachting E-commerce Marketplace in Monaco

The Monégasque startup Yachtneeds gained financial support from the Monaco Blue Fund with Baccana Digital Consulting, to qiucken the launch of its custom e-commerce marketplace, and secure €1.25 million in funding in just a few months.


Eligibility for the blue fund

Criteria relating to your company

In order to qualify, your company must meet the following criteria:

If needed, Baccana can provide assistance with your application process.

Moreover, your company should have completed its digital maturity self-test on the Government Platform, and our digital experts can also provide assistance in this regard.

Your digital transformation project

To be considered, your project, regardless of its nature, must be part of a digital transformation plan that serves one of the following three purposes:


Forward-thinking projects prioritized by the Blue Fund

Focus on innovative digital transformation initiatives

The Blue Fund of Monaco, a governmental initiative, is strongly committed to supporting innovative projects for the digital future of the principality.

As such, the Blue Fund is particularly seeking to support cutting-edge digital transformation projects related to:

By favouring these strategic areas, the Principality aims to enhance competitiveness within Monaco and beyond, to stimulate top-grade technological innovation, and to ensure a successful transition towards a resilient digital economy.

Furthermore, it also encourages collaborative projects between the public and private sectors that offer unique opportunities for development and growth for Monaco-based businesses.

Finally, the Blue Fund embodies Monaco’s commitment to become a leading digital hub at both regional and global levels.

Procedure to follow with baccana monaco

After creating your company account on the Blue Fund Platform and having completed the digital maturity test with our assistance, your company is invited to follow the following steps:

Submitting the request on the dedicated tele-service

A dedicated teleservice will be accessible via the Blue Fund Platform and via Monaco’s Enterprise Public Service website.

Your request must be made by filling out an online form that we will help you complete.

With your collaboration, we will be invited to communicate information specific to your company and your project, and to send supporting documents, that include the following:

If your file is incomplete, it will not be processed, which is why we will assist you in making all arrangements for admissibility.

The competent department of the Blue Fund reserves the right to contact the project leader when a clarification or additional information is necessary.


follow-up and payment of state aid

Response from the competent service of the blue fund

The competent service of the Blue Fund will respond to your request as soon as possible, provided your file is complete with all the required information.

If accepted, you will be informed of the decision relating to the requested funding (including the proportion of co-funding, which will be between 1/3 and 2/3 of the budget presented).

The decision – based on the analysis of the supporting documents provided – will be communicated by email.

This is why Baccana Digital Consulting will ensure that your file is complete and in line with the digital evolution encouraged by the Principality.

The Monégasque Government reserves the right to refuse any project that does not meet the stated criteria.

In this case, the project leader will be informed of this decision by email.

Payment of assistance from the blue fund

If your project and our estimate are accepted, the aid payment method is as follows:

So to put your company on the right track of a successful digital transition, and meet your needs, contact Baccana Digital Consulting to build a rock-solid business case, and take advantage of the Blue Fund right now.

Ask for a FREE QUOTE. Our experienced team of experts will collaborate with you and will carry out research to understand your needs and goals.