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WordPress/WooCommerce technical support

Because your site is worth it

Our WordPress specialists are at your disposal to repair and maintain your WordPress / WooCommerce site, for all routine tasks (technical maintenance, security, content / product creation and updates) and one-off tasks (bug repairs, backups, restorations…) with monthly or à la carte services.

WordPress website development

Simple and effective

For over 25 years, our Baccana WordPress experts have been developing modular, scalable, effective and easy-to-use websites that grow with your business.

For all SMEs, associations, organisations, liberal professions, B2B, or the sale of services, WordPress is the No. 1 solution adopted by 40% of websites worldwide.

WordPress site and data security

Your website is precious – protect it!

Every day, more than 30,000 WordPress sites are attacked by hackers, and 61% of successful attacks are due to poorly secured sites.

Your site, your data, and your customers’ data are too precious to not be protected properly. Rely on our WordPress security experts to prevent hacking and data leaks that can potentially destroy your business in a matter of minutes.

CMS migration/WordPress hosting

Change when you want

Changing systems or hosting platforms is as technical as it is daunting. Whether you want to switch to WordPress or migrate to another platform, we’ve got your back!

Don’t take any risks, leave your project in the capable hands of our sysadmins and rest assured that your WordPress migration will be carried out quickly, efficiently and securely.

WordPress Maintenance & Performance

Faster, higher, stronger

Just like you, your customers and prospects have no time to waste. Don’t give your business the wrong image from the first point of contact, with a slow, poorly designed website.

Boost your online presence with a team of specialists in WordPress performance for a professional, fast and efficient site, that will meet the requirements of your visitors and search engines hands down.

E-shop/E-commerce development with WooCommerce

Simplicity + efficiency = profitability

Ready to launch your E-commerce site? So are we! Our WooCommerce specialists can deploy your online sales site in record time!

Catalogs, customer management, support, payment, delivery, advertising integrations… Your e-shop is easier to launch, quicker to manage, and therefore more profitable in the long term with WooCommerce and Baccana.

WooCommerce maintenance and security

Your reassuring, high-performance WooCommerce e-shop

One of the most underestimated factors in the success of an e-commerce site is quite simply the trust that users place in it.

A well-secured e-shop reassures your customers and gives you the peace of mind you need to devote 100% of your time to developing your business, while delivering the performance demanded by your users and the search engines that drive your site’s commercial success.

WOOCOMMERCE migration for your e-shop

Change systems quickly and efficiently

Migrating your online sales site to – or from – WooCommerce shouldn’t be a complex or frightening experience. To ensure that your system or hosting migration goes smoothly, however, you need the help of recognised specialists.

Thanks to our WooCommerce experts, we can help you migrate your e-commerce site quickly while ensuring the perfect continuity of your sales and the integrity of all your data.