WooCommerce : Maintenance & Security of your e-shop and data

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WooCommerce: Maintenance & Security of your e-shop and data

Maintenance and security for your WooCommerce site: availability, reliability, efficiency!

Our Maintenance & Security packs and programs have been designed by our WooCommerce experts to best suit your needs.

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and the guarantees of a secure, high-performance system, so that you can concentrate on developing your business.

In particular, we take care of all the necessary updates, and we intervene as soon as you wish to upgrade your system or in the event of unforeseen problems.

For WooCommerce as for WordPress, regular updates of the system, themes and modules are absolutely vital to guarantee the security and performance of your e-shop.
Our maintenance, security and support packs are there to ensure maximum security and availability, as well as optimum comfort for you and your customers.

Not only can we intervene at any time in the event of a problem with a reactive and efficient troubleshooting service, but we also give you the benefit of the very latest functionalities to ensure the constant progress of your e-commerce site.

Finally, we can also take care of setting up and supporting your peripheral systems, such as hosting on secure servers (Monaco Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google), domain management (NIC Monaco, NameBay Monde, OVH France…) or your SSL certificates, CDN, databases, backups, and more.

WordPress : Site and Data Security: Our Process

We ensure security, reliability, comfort and performance for your WooCommerce site

Regular updating of your WooCommerce site: system, security, servers, themes, modules/plugins, payment and delivery integrations, third-party integrations, APIs, databases…

Fast, efficient troubleshooting: frontend/backend bug fixes, server unblocks, uptime assistance, urgent updates, code errors…

Upgrades: core system, addition of modules, development of custom functions, design changes.

Options: Backups, restore, premium security, monitoring, premium performance optimization, Ux enhancements, custom admin functions, dashboards, legal compliance and RGPD.

Monthly reports and recommendations.

WooCommerce: Maintenance & Security of your e-shop and data: Free consultation

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