WooCommerce Migration

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WooCommerce Migration

WooCommerce migration of your e-shop

All e-commerce systems share the same essential components, including the shopping basket, payment and delivery systems. The same functionalities and design options are usually found in all systems, making them virtually interchangeable.

What makes an e-commerce business unique is its product catalogue, image database and customer database. Whether they come from a physical shop system or another e-commerce site, they need to be transformed to adapt seamlessly to the new system.

What’s more, if you’re migrating from e-commerce to e-commerce, you’ll also need to repatriate a lot of additional data: order and payment histories, loyalty systems, CRM contacts, customer service exchanges, and so on.

For these reasons, a migration from or to WooCommerce must be carried out by a professional who will be able to take all the necessary precautions, and guarantee you 100% reciprocity of the data from your e-commerce site and/or physical shop.

The experts at Baccana know WooCommerce inside out and can help you migrate your shop in the shortest possible time, with the assurance of recovering all your functionalities, and above all, all your data.

Woocommerce migration: our process

We migrate your e-commerce site to or from WooCommerce quickly and efficiently

Analysis and preparation of the migration of your e-shop from or to WooCommerce (frontend, backend, modules/plugins, payment systems, third-party integrations and APIs, databases, etc.).

Drawing up the specifications and migration schedule and choosing the final options.

Preparation of servers + complete migration of system and data by our database experts and sysadmins on development and pre-production servers.

Post-migration testing ➔ quality assurance ➔ deployment ➔ live site.

Options: SEO migration, routers, load balancing, premium security, data integration, e-commerce catalogue integration, migration of ancillary functions (payment, CRM, marketing, etc.).

Post-migration reporting and monitoring.

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