WordPress : Security for your site and your data

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WordPress: Security for your site and your data

WordPress security: we secure the future of your business

Whatever CMS you choose, no one is immune from seeing their site targeted by hackers and being hacked, and WordPress is unfortunately no exception to the rule.

In fact, as the most widely used CMS in the world, WordPress is also a favorite target for hackers.

The most common cases are:

  • Spamming of pages and posts (news, blogs) by spam comments with links to dubious, dangerous or illegal sites (sex, drugs, black market, dark web…);
  • Temporary intrusion and data theft via obsolete plugins or plugins that have not been updated;
  • Defacement of pages by publishing pages, news or blog posts with illegal content linking to dangerous sites;

All these harmful actions (stealing information, adding illegal content, fraudulent use) can be contained quickly, but a poorly secured site can also give rise to much more serious hacking:

  • Blocking of administrator access and ‘hostage-taking’ by external hackers;
  • Hacking into your sensitive banking data or that of your customers;
  • Access to third-party accounts (online advertising accounts, Google account administration, etc.).

In this case, it’s no longer ‘just’ a question of your brand’s reputation and a temporary inconvenience, but a legal and financial risk from which some ill-prepared companies never recover.

WordPress site security is therefore crucial, if not vital, to your brand’s reputation and your customers’ trust in your business.

Baccana’s teams implement all the necessary measures to prevent these major risks, detect and thwart intrusion or hacking attempts, and get your website back up and running quickly and efficiently.

This will also protect your reputation (online reviews), your search engine ranking and your local positioning on trusted sites.

By taking the necessary preventive action, our WordPress security experts can offer you priceless peace of mind, at a price that’s reasonable given what’s at stake. Whether you’re a large company, a public organisation, a small business or an association, we’re here for you!

WordPress : Security for your site and your data: Our process

We secure your WordPress site, your data and your servers

Complete security audit of your WordPress system and site (frontend, backend, private data, financial data, modules/plugins, payment, API links, user access, etc.).

Analysis of security flaws and risks, recommendations from our experts to secure your entire site, third-party applications and modules, your data and that of your users.

Implementation of corrective measures to ensure the security of your WordPress site.

Options : Audit and security of hosting servers, premium security module, Premium Application / Server Firewall (WAF), 24/7 Premium security monitoring.

WordPress: Security for your site and your data: Free consultation

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