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Boost your domain’s authority

Netlinking or Link Building is an SEO strategy as old as the Web itself, which involves placing backlinks on external sites pointing to your website.

This SEO technique has given rise to many abuses and “black hat SEO” tactics. This is still the case today, with unscrupulous agencies simply flooding the net with links to uninteresting sites.

However, for a long time now, Google and other search engines have tended to ignore these “toxic” links, and even to penalize sites that abuse them as “spammers”.

However, this strategy is highly effective when used intelligently as part of a “white hat SEO” strategy that is ethical, sustainable and therefore fully in line with search engine recommendations.

Baccana’s backlink experts carefully select the best domains and resources that match your company’s themes, services, products and positioning, and only if they have the necessary authority and credibility.

This activity has a major impact on your ability to perform well in the search engines: if the latter consider that your competitors have many more inbound links than yours on legitimate sites, all things being equal, it’s a safe bet that they’ll be better represented in the search results.

We target crucial sites to get your site on the search engines’ radar. We optimize your listings so that your site benefits from maximum exposure and the backing of some of the best referenced resources in the world.


Boost the authority of your site, domain and brand

Put your site ahead of the competition!

Our SEO Netlinking packs enable you to multiply your domain’s authority, creating a leverage effect on all your SEO efforts.

Our monthly SEO Netlinking programs continuously increase your domain’s authority to boost your brand’s visibility and credibility in relation to your competitors.


Discover how we create dozens of virtuous links and authoritive references to your site to boost your natural referencing

Complete audit of your presence on external sites, with quantitative and qualitative analysis of domains, sites, pages and links.

Analysis and development of your netlinking strategy according to your objectives and definition of key performance indicators (KPIs), gap analysis with your competitors to uncover any additional netlinking opportunities.

Creation of profiles, listings and backlinks to relevant pages on your site according to a pre-established diversification strategy.

Options: creation of articles and blogs with optimized links for targeted keywords on high-authority information sites (Wikipedia, high-traffic news sites, specialized sites, etc.).

Monitoring, continuous detection and immediate clean-up of toxic links and domains to prevent any adverse effect on search engines.

Monitoring of your backlinks (quantity, quality, age, toxicity, domain and page authority…), management of updates and reporting of results obtained in line with your netlinking program.

Reporting frequency: quarterly or monthly, depending on your program.


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