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The Baccana Digital Consulting team is Google Suite and Tools expert. G-Suite can offer many easy-to-use solutions for your company needs in terms of professional and internal Web apps. From online surveys to shared Drive and documents, and from complex shared agenda to automated documents generator, Baccana Digital Consulting is able to twist and assemble G-Suite tools to craft the Web App that will suit your specifications.



Baccana Digital Consulting is platform agnostic. If we work with Google Suite, we also work with Microsoft Office 365 for a score of clients. From Email Exchange platform to One Drive for Business, and from Online SharePoint to Office Suite of tools, our team can mix and match these technological bricks to set up the perfect Web App for your company if you are Microsoft oriented.


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Sometimes, you need to re-invent the wheel in terms of Web App. The Baccana Digital Consulting team is also qualified to satisfy your PHP Custom Web App needs. We work with you to set up the requirements and specifications for your professional application, then move on to the developing phase in collaboration with your team until we deliver the Web App that will ease your working days.


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