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You need to make sure the sea is warm enough before you take a dive.

No difference with testing a market before you delve into into it.

Baccana Digital Consulting can help you analyse a market with different metrics and tools to make sure the market is ripe enough for you to take it on. We are experts in data mining and data analysis to help you take the right decision.


Take the pulse of your online properties. How is the website’s code regarding Google ? How is your backlinking profile ? Is your website blacklisted by Google ? How is your traffic? Is your traffic qualified ? Are you targeting the right keywords ? The right crowd ?

Baccana Digital Consulting can answer all these questions and, even better, give you solutions or hints to exploit these data in the best possible way.

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Baccana Digital Consulting is not only able to provide you with a centralized platform from which you can manage your social media profiles (or we can manage them for you) and posts. We are also able to issue reports every month to check on your KPIs (Key Points of Interest) and give you the pulse of your social profiles.

What type of posts work the best ? What day and what times of the day are optimal to post efficiently ? Who are my top fans ? Where do they come from ? Do they buy my services and products ? Baccana Digital Consulting will be able to answer all of the above and more, even give you the right direction to make the best of your social efforts.

Ask for a FREE QUOTE. Our experienced team of experts will collaborate with you and will carry out research to understand your needs and goals.