2nd UHNWI summit at the Monaco Yacht Club


by: Baccana Digital Consulting    June 28, 2022

On June the 27th 2022, took place the 2nd ANNUAL UHNWI INSIGHT SUMMIT addressing the topic of “The 21st Century Uber Luxury Client – Insights from practice and research.

The summit was organized by the Cluster Yachting Monaco and the International University of Monaco, in partnership with Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting, in the realm of the Monaco Yachting Club, and an important crowd related to the yachting industry showed up on this lovely day in the warmth and eternal glamour of the Riviera.

After an introduction by Gregory Benassi of the Cluster Yachting Monaco, followed by Jean Philippe Muller General Director of the IUM, Dr Annalisa Tarquini-Poli and Dr Phil Klaus took the stage in master class act to define “What matters most to the Ultra High Net Worth Incomes and why traditional marketing won’t work anymore“. Did you know that by 2025, 45% of the world’s wealthiest people should be younger than 45 years old ? Well, Dr Tarquini-Poli and Dr Klaus showcased some amazing data and facts that Baccana Digital Consulting sipped like there were no tomorrow.

This class act was followed by another high time with Chiara Mascarucci, Co-founder of Blind Experiences, and Tom Marchant, Owner and Co-Founder of Black Tomato, two bright professionals of the Luxury Travel Industry that shared their knowledge in “How to engage wealthy clients.”

The finale came with a round table moderated by Charlotte Hogarth-Jones of Boat International, who animated the talk regarding “Challenges and opportunities for managing UHNWI customer experience, insights from the frontline.” The speakers, Alexander Staarjes, from Pernod Ricard, Winston Chesterfield, Founder of Barton Luxury and Wealth, and Raphael Sauleau, CEO Fraser Yachts, shared their insights and rich experiences regarding customer experience. The award of the best case study goes to Mr Sauleau with the set up of a mock up pirate attack of a chartered luxury yacht by another superyacht in the Caribbeans. It was right after the Covid, and the families aboard each yacht were related and had not seen each other in more than a year … memories for life.

The summit was a success. We just had to talk to some of the attendees during the lunch break to understand that every invitee learnt something that day and came out with a different perception of the UHNWI market and how to engage it. This summit also gave our company food for thought, and we shall make sure to attend the 3rd Summit in 2023, always in Monaco, World Capital of the Luxury Yachting Industry.

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