E-shop / E-commerce development with WooCommerce

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e-shop/e-commerce development with WooCommerce

WooCommerce: a simple and powerful e-commerce solution for your WordPress site

Thanks in particular to its native integration with WordPress, the WooCommerce module is the most widely used e-commerce solution in the world. In fact, it has been installed more times than any of its competitors Magento (now Adobe Commerce), Prestashop or Shopify.

But the popularity of WordPress doesn’t explain everything. Above all, WooCommerce is a reliable solution with over 20 years of existence, a record in this ultra-competitive market.

WooCommerce is the de facto must-have extension for any WordPress site wishing to move into e-commerce, integrating seamlessly with the existing site while benefiting from the vast ecosystem of modules that WordPress enjoys.

This includes all payment providers, including Paypal, Stripe and Alma, as well as payment by check, bank transfer and dozens of payment gateways, plus modules for every major bank.

WooCommerce is therefore a natural choice, whether for the creation of a simple online catalog of a few services, or the development of a sophisticated, fully customized e-shop with thousands of items and combinations.

Finally, for our customers who manage their own e-commerce sites, the WooCommerce administration interface stands out for its simplicity, clarity and ability to facilitate the day-to-day management of their platform.

Developing your site on WooCommerce

As we saw earlier, WooCommerce is the system used by over a third of all online stores, which speaks volumes for its popularity and reliability.

What’s more, unlike many other systems such as Shopify or PrestaShop, WooCommerce allows you natively, thanks to its coupling with WordPress, to develop optimized content to boost your traffic and win ever more customers.

WooCommerce also boasts a huge library of modules to cover all your needs, and is compatible with most third-party systems such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google, Salesforce CRM, Sage, etc.

Finally, thanks to its popularity, longevity and native modularity, WooCommerce is the least expensive e-commerce system to develop.

For all these reasons, if you’re not satisfied with your experience with your current e-commerce platform, or if you’re looking for a solid, reliable system for your first online venture, call on our services to launch your business quickly and efficiently!

Take a look at our portfolio of e-commerce sites, most of which have been successfully built on WooCommerce, for an overview of the possibilities for your business in Monaco, France or anywhere else in the world.

e-shop/e-commerce development with WooCommerce: Our process

We develop powerful, efficient and profitable WooCommerce sites

Analysis and preparation of your WooCommerce e-shop (frontend, backend, modules/plugins, payment systems, third-party integrations and APIs, databases…).

Design + technical specifications, development schedule + technical options (domain, hosting, security, e-mail…).

Choice of design/template, creation and validation of site pages and essential functionalities.

Integration of catalog, data and e-commerce functions (customer accounts, shopping carts, orders, payment, delivery, etc.).

Options: premium SEO, maintenance and support plans, additional functions (CRM, marketing, extra payment/delivery options, order tracking, customer service…).

Launch your e-commerce site!

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