WordPress : Maintenance & Performance

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WordPress : Maintenance & Performance

WordPress maintenance: a few small clicks are better than a big crash

Brakes, fluid levels, lighting, tyre pressure… A poorly maintained vehicle is bound to cause major problems, or even worse… The same applies to your website, the vehicle for your business, your ideas and your success.

WordPress is certainly a simple tool to use, but it’s built on complex machinery that requires constant and rigorous maintenance, or else the system will malfunction, grind to a halt, or worse, be hacked.

Even when the problem is not necessarily complex, it usually occurs at the worst possible time. For example, during a period of high sales due to the impact of increased traffic, wiping out an e-commerce site’s turnover in an instant!

Updates – particularly to systems and modules – are as frequent as they are necessary, and much more stress-free when carried out by a professional.

With Baccana by your side, your system will always be up to date, and just like a well-maintained car, you’ll be able to “drive” with complete peace of mind without having to worry about frequent breakdowns or accidents that are easily avoidable!

WordPress: maintenance, the essence of performance

In addition to the updates needed to maintain your system and avoid major problems, maintaining your WordPress CMS also helps to improve the performance of your website.

An essential factor for users and SEO, the speed with which pages are displayed and functionalities executed helps to reduce the bounce rate, increase the conversion rate and gain places in the search engine results rankings, among other things.

Logically, the overall performance of a site is inversely proportional to its success: increased traffic, constant addition of content, media and functionalities, all increase the load on the system and server.

By including regular maintenance of your site in your specifications and operating budget, you can maintain and even improve its performance, and continue on the road to success!

WordPress : Maintenance & Performance : Our process

We maintain the performance, fix the bugs and develop the functionality of your WordPress site, quickly and efficiently.

Mise en place de votre plan de Maintenance & Sécurité WordPress.

Carrying out maintenance tasks.

Options : WordPress Security Pack & Programmes, Creation or update of a Child Theme (customised version of the main theme), Site + database archiving, On-demand technical support and collaboration to help your website grow.

Fixing bugs and malfunctions.

Monthly reporting and monitoring + suggestions for improvement.

WordPress : Maintenance & Performance / Free consultation

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