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WordPress migration: a smooth change of system or servers

Creating a professional website comes with its share of worries and, fortunately, excitement, especially when the results are there.

However, as time goes on and your business grows, it’s common to run into problems with the system, hosting or both.

Although the migration option can sometimes be daunting, it is also an effective solution to most performance or functionality problems.

Why migrate a WordPress server to new hosting?

A hosting migration is a bit like moving house – it’s not a decision you take lightly. There are many reasons why you should make this choice:

  • Support: you’re not satisfied with your current host’s support and responsiveness,
  • Cost: the package you’ve subscribed to is too expensive or doesn’t meet your needs,
  • Performance: your site is regularly unavailable due to recurrent maintenance work on your server, which is costing you money (e-commerce site) or driving away your visitors (showcase site, catalogue, blog, etc.),
  • Security: your site is often attacked or hacked,
  • Value for money: you find that the competition’s offer is much better than that of your current host, both in terms of prices and in terms of performance and associated services,

If one or more of these statements match your profile, then there’s no need to hesitate: migrate!

WordPress hosting migration: trust the best

Of course, there is no shortage of hosting providers, and the offers are sometimes difficult to compare.

Our systems administration experts can advise you on the best solution and the best value for money for your needs from the major operators such as AWS, OVH and Digital Ocean, to name but a few.

For Monegasque companies, we are also able to migrate your site to the secure servers of the Monaco Cloud, approved by the Princely Government and the various institutional players in the digital sector in Monaco.

Finally, we can advise you on making the right choices for all the associated services, from domain management (.com, .mc, .fr, .org, ….) to SSL certificates, CDNs and all the options (databases, back-ups, access security, monitoring, etc.).

CMS migration from or to WordPress: making the right choice for the right reasons

Perhaps even more than changing hosting provider, migrating to a new system is an eventuality that is often dreaded and put off until it becomes inevitable.

Although most of the time it comes with numerous improvements for users, on the administrator side it entails profound changes to habits and new technical skills that need to be acquired quickly.

WordPress is the most widely used CMS because it is relatively easy to master, and allows you to take the plunge into online sales by adding an e-commerce layer with its WooCommerce module.

For most small businesses, it’s a natural and effective way of getting started at a lower cost, and we can help you set up your WordPress / WooCommerce system.

If you sell services or a limited number of products, this is an excellent option that offers a great deal of flexibility. WordPress is also a flexible and effective site manager for any company or information site, which is why these lines are written about… WordPress.

However, for large catalogues (1000+ products) WooCommerce is not necessarily the best option. In this case, we’ll be able to offer you a suitable system, whether it’s Prestashop, Shopify, Magento or a custom or headless system.

In any case, with Baccana by your side, you no longer have to worry about making the best choice: we’ll be with you from A to Z, whatever hosting provider and system suits you best!

WordPress : Security for your site and your data : Our process

We can migrate your site to or from WordPress, on hosting that meets all your needs

Analysis and preparation for migration to WordPress or WooCommerce (frontend, backend, modules/plugins, payment systems, third-party integrations and APIs, databases, etc.).

Drawing up the specifications and migration schedule and choosing the final options.

Preparation of servers + complete system migration by our sysadmins experts on development and pre-production servers.

Post-migration testing ➔ quality assurance ➔ deployment ➔ live site.

Options: SEO migration, routers, load balancing, data integration and e-commerce catalogues.

Post-migration reporting and monitoring.

WordPress: CMS Migration/Hosting: Free Consultation

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