WordPress Website Development

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WordPress website development

WordPress: an all-in-one solution that’s simple and effective

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world (40% of websites), thanks in particular to its ease of deployment and use, as well as its ability to evolve with time and your needs.

That’s why Baccana Digital Consulting Monaco offers its services to create, develop and manage your WordPress site for you.

WordPress adapts to all configurations (corporate sites, blogs, news, media galleries, travel sites, specialized sites…) and all structures (SMEs, associations, organizations, professions, B2B, sales of services…)!

For rapid development tailored to your needs and your brand identity, we find the best models for you and adapt them quickly and efficiently. We can also build your custom site from A to Z for a unique look and functionality.

As a developer of websites of all sizes for over 25 years, Baccana and its teams can offer you a wide range of case studies in the fields of NGOs, interior design, B2B commerce, entertainment and sports, blogs and personal sites.

Modular and scalable, your WordPress site can grow with you, offering more and more to your customers and visitors. If need be, you can integrate an e-shop or complex e-commerce functionalities as soon as you like, without having to change your system.

Continuous or à la carte services to combine comfort, performance and safety

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is its ease of use. Whatever your level of computer literacy, you don’t need to know a thing about code to publish pages, blogs or add articles to your site.

We guarantee that a short training course is all you need to get to grips with your site and online business. However, we’ll be on hand as soon as you need us for any improvements or corrections requiring technical know-how to ensure the integrity of your system.

Whenever the need arises, we’re ready to assist you with a full range of packs, programs and à la carte services to meet your every expectation!

With Baccana at your side, you can be sure of combining the comfort of simple, efficient day-to-day use with constant performance enhancement and flawless security to prevent any incident.

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WordPress website development: Our process

We develop WordPress websites that are fast, efficient and easy to use

Analysis and preparation of your WordPress site (frontend, backend, modules/plugins, custom look and functionality…).

Design + technical specifications, development schedule + technical options (domain, hosting, security, e-mail…).

Choice of design/template, creation and validation of site pages and essential functionalities.

Options: premium SEO, maintenance and support plans, additional functions (CRM, marketing, content creation, order tracking, customer service…).

Launch your e-commerce site!

WordPress website development: Free consultation

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