Local SEO: more visibility, more proximity

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Your goal: No. 1 in the local market

The most powerful lever in the SEO arsenal, local search engine optimization or “Local SEO” enables your company to be highlighted as soon as a web surfer searches for a product or service in its immediate environment.

Local SEO is essential if you want to be visible in search results with purchase intent on a physical site (“ROPO” = Research Online + Purchase Offline).

In fact, it’s simply unavoidable, as the vast majority of searches are done on mobile devices, and local results are prioritized by search engines, even without any mention of location in the search.

That’s why our Local SEO programs are essential to the success of your SEO and qualified traffic, whether local or global, physical or digital.

Our experts have developed specific methodologies to enable you to appear ahead of your competitors for key searches on your business within your local market.

Whatever your situation or strategy, we ensure your local presence in all search engines, reference sites, business platforms, specialized directories, mapping and geolocation sites and tools, GPS applications and hyperlocal sites to guarantee that your business is visible everywhere, all the time.


Boost your digital and physical presence!

Don’t let your competitors take your customers!

Our Local SEO packs ensure that your site and your company are placed in all vital resources (GAFAM, business platforms, specialized directories, review sites, etc.).

Our monthly Local SEO programs enable you to develop your presence on more and more sites and resources, as well as in GPS applications (Waze, TomTom…) and hyperlocal sites.


Find out how we can optimize your local coverage for maximum efficiency in both physical and digital environments

Complete audit of your local referencing in all vital resources: GAFAM platforms, local, national and global directories, geolocation sites and applications.

Deployment of your site and location information (NAP Citations) in all essential digital resources.

Implementation of your strategy, recommendations and ongoing actions to dominate your competition in the short, medium and long term.

Options: local marketing for multiple locations, additional languages.

Set up of monitoring of your Local SEO (performance, key indicators, competitive intelligence…), monitoring, updates and reporting à la carte.

Reporting frequency: monthly, weekly, daily or 24/7 according to your schedule.


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