Optimized Content Creation (Content Marketing)

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Optimized content creation (Content Marketing)

Quality content that’s well referenced

Optimized content plays a central role in the SEO equation.

Your website can only be indexed for your key words when they are optimized in your pages, blog, product sheets, videos, etc. The key, in content marketing, is to demonstrate your expertise in one or more particular subjects to the search engines.

The key to content marketing is to prove your expertise in one or more particular subjects to the search engines. This is important, because search engines scan your site and all your competitors’ sites for the same user query. Google, Bing and their colleagues then rank the results according to the technical quality of the websites, but also and above all according to the relevance of the content they offer. And this is where our expertise in content creation makes all the difference.

Baccana Digital Consulting specializes in creating and writing content-optimized pages for your website, such as home pages, service pages and FAQs. We can also create blogs optimized for any type of content, and optimize product sheets for your e-commerce site.

Our optimized content creation experts can build on your existing content, or create from scratch using our AI-assisted content creation platform.

Finally, we ensure that content is created on an ongoing basis. This is essential to keep your website “fresh”, as web users prefer recent content (recent publication date, consistency with current events, accuracy of information…). The aim is therefore to produce fresh, relevant content on an ongoing basis, so as to stay ahead of the competition in terms of online expertise and authority.


Fill your website with relevant content

capitalize on niches and growth keywords

Need to create optimized pages and content for your website? Our “one shot” Optimized Content packages enable you to quickly fill your website pages with quality content. Ideal if you want to redesign the pages of an existing website.

Need to keep your website constantly updated with powerful, optimized content? Our optimized content programs enable you to feed your website monthly with news from your sector, present new products/services, and exploit keyword trends…


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We analyze existing content, the site environment and the company’s capabilities.

We establish a content strategy based on niche keyword research, then draw up an editorial calendar.

We publish the optimized content online according to the schedule defined with the customer.

Need a little extra? We offer optional expert content creation, case studies and photo optimization.

We track the performance of your optimized content in line with your program.

Reporting frequency: monthly, weekly or customized according to program.


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