Technical On-site SEO

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Your site optimized from A to Z for organic referencing

Optimizing your site in terms of code and structure is crucial for optimal, long-term organic referencing. SEO specialists call this “On-site SEO”, “On-page SEO” or “Technical SEO”.

This stage requires a thorough technical understanding of search engine requirements, and the ability to implement them on a large scale to ensure maximum visibility for all your content, both current and future.

We carry out an in-depth analysis of key elements such as your site architecture, page template structure, code tags, and all fundamental aspects of the user experience (Ux) evaluated by search engines.

We then make the necessary modifications to ensure that your site is perfectly optimized and indexed at the top of search engine results (SERPs), enabling you to meet all your targeting and keyword objectives.


Lay the SEO foundations for your site!

Keep your site on top!

Our Technical on-site SEO packs enable you to ensure the compliance and technical performance of your site in desktop and mobile mode.

Our Technical on-site SEO programs ensure optimized, ongoing development of content, functionality and user experience, so you’re always one step ahead of the competition.


Find out how we optimize your site’s technical on-site SEO (desktop and mobile)

Complete audit of the code and appearance of your pages in search engines, as well as the structure and semantic markup of your site.

Recommendations from our experts to improve the key points of your site’s on-site technical SEO.

Priority repairs and adjustments to ensure the best balance between user experience (Ux) and the technical requirements of search engines.

Options: custom development/design, modules and options to boost user experience and search engine rankings.

Setting up your monthly SEO program for continuous improvement and to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Monitoring the results of your SEO program, search engine rankings for your keywords and pages, SEO performance reports, retroplanning, corrective actions and competitive intelligence.

Reporting frequency: monthly, weekly, daily or 24/7 according to your schedule.


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