Web 3.0 and Metaverse

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WEB 3.0

To be didactic, we can say that Web 1.0, which corresponds to the Yahoo era, would be associated with a version of the web where we accessed information, without being able to easily create content of any kind. by yourself. A passive version of the web.

Web 2.0, which corresponds to the GAFAM period (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), is the form of the current web on which we surf, the Web of social networks and interaction. We’re free to share our content with the world very easily, but it’s centralized exchanges by the big platforms: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, that actually monetize our content. “When it’s free, you’re the product”.

Web3 (or Web 3.0) tends to give more power to users by giving them the means to retain possession of their content and monetize it in a decentralized environment that stands out from the GAFAMs. Before you surfed the Web, now you are inside the Web, and this is where Baccana Digital accompanies you.



Your brand’s presence in the Metaverse and its marketing in the Metaverse is an opportunity for you and your business to innovate, experiment, and generate new revenue.

There are several Metaverse that tend towards interoperability although decentralized. Now is a good time to embrace a “test and learn” mindset, be open to experimenting in the metaverse, and quickly move from fearing the unknown to embracing tomorrow’s digital universe and to capitalize on future success.

As a Metaverse expert in Monaco, Baccana Digital Consulting will define your metaverse marketing objectives, identify the platforms that offer the best opportunity and best brand fit (Winkyverse, Sandbox or others), design engaging experiences for target audiences and with your collaboration, we will experiment with profitable models.

Together, we will create, leverage, and partner for new capabilities offered by the metaverse. Product experimentation conducted on the metaverse can proactively plan for risk to your brand. Together, we’ll rethink the way you measure your brand’s marketing success.



The non-fungible token, or NFT, has become a buzzword over the past few years due to its impact on the future of human engagement on the internet. But what is it, how do I use one, how do I create one, and then what do I do with it?

We support you in this journey of creation and monetization of NFT in Monaco and in all Metaverse.

Whether you are a service company, a retailer, a foundation, a luxury or access-luxury brand, an artist or even a community or a state, Baccana supports you in the strategy of creating and monetizing NFTs on listed platforms  (Opensea, Rarible or others) in order to penetrate new markets, approach a younger clientele and generate new revenues.

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