Art NFT : First Web3 customer for Baccana Monaco


by: Baccana Digital Consulting    January 28, 2023

After months of studying and learning about Web3 and the world of Blockchain and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), Baccana Digital Consulting has finally taken the plunge to offer a support service in the creation of NFT from Monaco for a globalized community.

Remember that an NFT can be bought, resold, passed on, collected. Most commonly, the most widely cryptocurrency used in NFTs is Ethereum.

The service is intended to be didactic and complete with:

  • NFT Strategy and Consulting : It is indeed essential to plan your marketing and communication strategy upstream and to adapt NFTs according to their use and the community they will reach.
  • Visual creation & Development : The artists we work with are used to managing large-scale projects. Your NFT will be deployed on personalized smart contracts, created by us and adapted to each project. We can also manage existing works and digitize them in the most suitable format.
  • Promotion & Launch : We are able to reach the communities targeted by the NFT (art, fashion, education, foundations, real estate, travel). Additionally, we seek to educate the public so that our clients can reach a wider audience.



Interesting impact NFT campaigns for brands

As we have brought to the attention of our readers over the past few months, many brands have already taken advantage of NFTs to rejuvenate, support and even completely renew their marketing and brand strategies. To cite just a few examples, the sale of NFT coupled with physical products (Nike), charitable operations (Foundations), contests (Louis Vuitton), gifts, customer rewards, community involvement, image benefits, all of which sure with substantial press coverage.

The fallout spreads out into the adjacent Metaverses. Remember that the Metaverses are virtual and parallel worlds in which many brands open showrooms, organize commercial events (such as a Fashion Week organized by Tommy Hilfiger), cultural or charitable events, in a largely gamified environment for the most part.

Does developing an NFT strategy make sense for your brand ?

This is where our advisory and strategy services come in. We cover with you the following points to assess your Web3 maturity:

  • Boost and rejuvenate your brand : Are you looking to strengthen ties with your customers, business partners, and employees?  Are you in the process of creating new relationships with your brand and your company ? Are you already targeting a young clientele ? How ?
  • New customers and new income : Going for the crypto sphere (young Generation Z and Millennials, with significant purchasing power and a strong community spirit) means developing new income by winning over new customers. Are you thinking about it ?
  • A matter of increased visibility : The Web3, the Metaverse and NFTs are topics that make the buzz. But have you considered attracting the attention of the media, your community and your possible prospects on the various social networks on this subject?
  • Become a company or a brand that puts innovation forward : Taking your first steps in the lands of Web3 and NFTs means injecting a dynamic of innovation into the ranks of your internal teams, whether in the Product, Communication or Marketing departments. To take this step is to broaden the horizon of your teams.



We launch our first NFT client in the art trade

Between all the Web3, NFT and Metaverse subjects that we have in the making in Monaco and elsewhere, we helped our client Denis Ribas to make his NFT debut. Denis is an internationally renowned painter, who was also looking to explore new modern ways to make his art better known.

With him, we have defined an evolving strategy for creating NFTs by collections that will enhance his Opensea profile over time.

This painter who paints only outdoors with brushes and oil paint, has embarked on the digitization of some of his works in order to invest a sphere that is distant to him and yet so close when you take into account his energy and his openness to the world.

We are really honored that he is the first to dabble in blockchain from our offices in Monaco. To discover his first NFTs from his nascent collection on Opensea, we invite you to follow this link : Denis Ribas’ Colection on Opensea

Baccana supports you in your NFT projects, a foreplay of the metaverse

Baccana Digital Consulting initiated, in early 2021, research and learning on NFT projects and NFT sales that took us to Dubai, Paris, Florence with many speakers and artists from South Korea, Poland, from Estonia or the USA, in fields as diverse as gambling, art, fashion or real estate.

Thanks to these collaborations and our expertise in these verticals in Web1 then Web2 for more than 20 years, our team can guide you at every stage of your Web3 project:

  • Strategic advice based on your brand or product issue
  • Digitization in the format of your products or selection, management of artists and creations for your NFTs
  • Minting NFTs in the appropriate Blockchain
  • Marketing and communication strategy for your NFT operation
  • Finally, through our public and private interventions in the Principality and abroad, we proceed to popularize the world of NFTs and blockchain while participating in the education of your community in NFTs.

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